ingrid 020Chef and Izzy playing in the pond

The best way to enjoy Dogwood Park is as a member. As a member you get the following benefits:

  • 15 acres of leash-free fun for your dog
  • Electronic access directly to the park
  • All daylight hour access to the park
  • A safe and clean environment for you and your dog to enjoy
  • An opportunity for you and your dog to make new friends
  • Your dog gets the exercise and socialization they crave while you enjoy the park
  • Ponds for your dogs to play in without the worry of what "creatures" lurk below
  • Discounts on other services such as Doggy Daycare, Boarding, Baths and other park amenities

Studies show that a majority of behavior problems in dogs can be attributed to inadequate type or duration of play. This means that dogs that get adequate off-leash play are less likely to show behavioral problems at home. We suggest Dogwood Park & Daycare as an alternative outlet for your dog's energy, as opposed to replacing furniture, carpet, clothes, or any number of potential dog-targeted items.  This is especially important for puppies and active breeds.

The most important benefit of membership is the strong bond our members build with their dogs as they become healthier and more well-adjusted dogs.

Bowser and Brandie saying hello

We do not separate dogs based on size or breed; we find that dogs of all sizes when given the proper owner handling skills, adequate space, and time, can all play together happily.